Where the Northwest meets Southwest . . .

I was raised in a small Eastern Oregon town, oldest daughter of five girls! Our family owned the John Deere tractor business in town.

We grew up driving tractors and riding lawn mowers, 4-wheelers, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Enjoying the best of outdoor living from fishing, hunting, camping, water and snow skiing and we all cherish our memories of growing up with horses whether riding out in the desert, mountains or showing in 4H, rodeo or open show arena’s.

High school included activities like gymnastics, volleyball, softball, powder puff football, golf, track, a little cheer-leading, and special friends.

After graduating from high school I was invited to move to the big city. My heart and mind were open forever to a combination of adventurous lifestyle options.

Fast forward, I’m married to Mr. JW and have 3 wonderful grown children, 2 beautiful DL’s and an adorable Grandson named Zane.

Faith and Family are a big part of our life and even though Mr. JW brought us to this great state of Texas which I love, my heart will always cherish the beauty of the Northwest.

Over the years I’ve acquired various professional certifications, owned my own digital consulting business and at the moment I balance a career in Web Development, Photography and varied levels of digital artistry and graphic design. I enjoy modern technology, social media, communication, and experiencing as well as capturing special moments with my camera and I am looking forward to expanding our horizons traveling near and far.

Thank you for stopping by! ♥ Traci


“Time to start living instead of dreaming, and cultivating things in life that matter.”  ~Me